Cirkus snuggles up with a bear! Late last year Ogilvy UK chose Cirkus to help out with their new Snuggle Intense campaign.

The 2 films were shot in Portugal by Sweet Shop’s Director Jeff Wood and we were tasked with animating and seamlessly integrating the Snuggle Bear into the story.


Human Cannonball Romain Borrel jetted off to join the shoot as SFX supervisor and then returned to Auckland with the footage in hand. Unfortunately his luggage, which contained the only Snuggle bottle in existence, had other plans and kept on travelling for another 3 weeks.

‘Dancing with Bears’, created for the Netherlands with adaptations for various European regions, was completed in early March, and we certainly had some fun with this one! To promote their new intense product, Agency & Client wanted to push the fragrance explosion and we were asked to change Snuggle Bear (as seen in ‘Smell Test’) into the Intense Snuggle Bear who is just bursting with flowers! Check out his groovy dance moves.

‘Smell Test’ was completed in January of this year for the Turkish market. It features Snuggle Bear with Mother & Daughter having some fun in the backyard on a balmy summer’s day.





Curtains up for –
Animation Director: Chris Lyne
Character Animation: Joon Yoon
Particle Animation: Chris Lyne, Priyan Jayamaha
Modeling: Chris Lyne, Kurt Adams, James Turnbull
Texturing: Chris Lyne, James Turnbull
LX/Rendering: Chris Lyne, James Turnbull
Compositing: Sandesh Codhadu, Christian Greet
Producer: Viktoria Fortune, Marko Klijn

Client: Unilever
Agency: Ogilvy United Kingdom
Creative: Alun Howell
Producer: Lyn Woodcraft
Director: Jeff Wood