Sydney’s Joy Agency commissioned Cirkus to build their wonderful creative concepts for H&R Block, a tax preparation company. 

H&R accountants “don’t miss a thing” so for this print campaign we needed to get real close up. Joy and Cirkus settled on a 3D execution to be able to show great detail and texturing. Put the below visuals to the test and zoom right in each of the 3 environments to find the tiny, suited up H&R accountants mining the $1, $2 or 50c Aussie coins.

View the prints below:
(Click on them to view the larger image and check out the awesome little details!)


H&R Block Coins - $1 HR H&R Block Coins - $2 HR H&R Block Coins - 50c HR

Cirkus Team

Animation Director: Christian Greet
Layout, Modelling & Texturing Team: Kurt Adams, James Turnbull, Fredrik Ueberle
Producer: Marko Klijn
Joy Team
Creative Director: Steve Back
Creative Team: Dan Barrett, Brett Edwards, Josie Fox, Scott Zuliani, Alistair Flack, Tim Pashen
Producer: Corrinne Porter