BWM Sydney presented us with a VERY quirky script following Iinet founder Michael Malones’ progression from uni student to international internet entrepreneur, showcasing Malone as the original upgrader.


The script came with a brief to create a hand-made DIY looking online video – right up our alley!

The main objective was to tell Malone’s and Iinet’s story by using simple, chic and clever animation techniques. A lot of the content is hand drawn. Some has been traditionally (cell) animated with the majority 2D animated using After Effects. Other styles/techniques we used were: live action which was then outlined and tracked, 3D animation, photos, cut-outs, info-graphics and type, making this mish mash of animation really stand out from the crowd.

The team was headed by Animation Director and Human Cannonball  Romain Borrel now famed for his  unusual and creative illustration approach. Quite a few Cirkus performers had a go at his project; Juggler Christian Greet, Knifethrower Layne Howe, Daredevil Chris Lyne, Firebreather Sandesh Codhadu, Mime Priyan Jayamaha, Fortune-teller Kylie He, Strongman Scott Wilkinson and Rodney Selby with Liontamestress Felicia Brunsting as producer.

See several frames of the online video below (click on them to see it in full glory):


MovieClipping 166 iinet_rgb2