Cirkus’ Juggler Christian Greet presents: Symphony, a beautifully crafted online spot for XM Developments.


XM Developments is a key international supplier of cloud commerce. This animated spot launches Symphony, an e-commerce system that stocks, sells, tracks and orders eeehhhm well everything across all platforms.

Christian created the viral from scratch using a simple, naive design palette, which enabled him to concentrate on the texturing and lighting of the environments and characters. To simplify the character animation, Christian created characters with simplified limbs – a clever trick!


The realistic and retro look of the environments and characters bring a unique quality to this spot that we love, and it does a great job explaining Symphony for the non-binary people. A big thanks to the Soundroom for the audio, which makes the film seem even more realistic by using sound effects from actual hand and feet!

Client: Blair Watkins, XM Developments