In this latest Comfort 1Rinse “Fishing’ TVC for the Indonesian market, The Comfees twins and their Dad are off on a fishing trip, with Comfort guaranteeing a good catch.


This commercial is an example of some fancy animation and beautiful rendering/compositing from The Comfort Team.

Animals by lake

Big round of applause for –
Animation Directors: Strongman Scott Wilkinson, Daredevil Chris Lyne, Knifethrower Layne Howe
Animation: Mime Priyan Jayamaha, Mauricio Bartok, Norman Lemes, Jofre Balbao, Mike Peach, Elliot Maren
Compositing/Grading: Firebreather Sandesh Codhadu
Modelling: Dale Hobson, Matt Munro, Kurt Adams, Andrew McCully
Producer: Liontamestress Felicia Brunsting