• Cirkus Conjures Up Comfort “Q”

    “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny…’” - Isaac Asimov

    In our latest Comfort project, Cirkus was set the task to bring to life a new Comfort world encompassing a fresh personality, Comfort Scientist Extraordinaire “Q”.

    Creative and Art Director Kevin Geeves of Ogilvy Singapore came up with the concept of a James Bond-inspired “mad” scientist testing the brand new “Molto All-in-One” product.

    As Q visits the various Comfort testing stations, his gorgeous assistant diligently takes note of the test results. This is Comfort’s very own Manhattan project!

    The lab environment is HUGE to accommodate the ground-breaking research required to get all of Comfort’s Benefits into just 1 bottle!

    Watch this space for the spot!

    But in the mean time, click  ’Read More’ for some images from the spot and the team behind Comfort Q.

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  • Cirkus DIY Workshop: Be the Animation Director! – How working in Animation can be original, fast and cost effective.

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, the greatest show on Earth is going to Cannes!

    Cannes Lions is the only truly global meeting place for professionals working in creative communications, from creatives and marketers to technologists and media specialists. Cannes Lions is where 12,000 people from 94 countries come together to be inspired by seven unmissable days of learning, networking and celebration.

    Held at the iconic Palais des Festivals between 15 June – 21 June, Cannes Lions 2014 will be 7 days jam-packed with galas, award ceremonies, seminars and workshops, and the best part is that Cirkus will be amongst it all!

    Come along to our workshops, on Monday 16 June at 09:30 to 10:30 or 14:00 to 15:00, where Ringmaster Marko Klijn will take you through the animation process and demonstrate just how an animated film can help you and your company, while being cost effective and done within budget and in time.

    Read More for the official announcement of the Cirkus Cannes Lions Workshop 2014, as well as some fun photos from Cirkus’ past trips to Cannes!

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  • ADFEST 2014 and more!

    We’ve been very busy bees here at Cirkus, time has just flown by! Quite literally flown in fact, as Ringmaster Marko Klijn recently jetted off to sunny Pattaya, Thailand for his annual trip to ADFEST, the advertising festival celebrating and raising the standard of creativity in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. This year while taking part in judging the film craft Lotus, Marko also, with the help of his glamorous assistant Tess, hosted a fun Cirkus workshop titled “How to create an animated spot in time and on budget?”

    Head along to our Facebook page to see some photos of the workshop, and click ‘Read More’ below for the latest news on our work!

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  • Comfort Fishing

    Another year and the Cirkus troupe is fired up and ready to go!

    Finally, the latest Comfort 1Rinse ‘Fishing’ TVC was unveiled in all its glory for the Indonesian market. The Comfees twins and their Dad are off on a fishing trip, with Comfort guaranteeing a good catch.

    Find out more about who was behind the commercial, and check out some photos of the adorable animals featured below!

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  • Brand New Ringmaster’s Cut and More!

    The latest instalment of our infamous Ringmaster’s Cut is back and better than ever! This really is the Greatest Show on Earth, with small samplings of Cirkus’ best work, including our latest endeavour – the Castrol Power 1 epic viral. Featuring mind-bending work from the talented Cirkus Troupe, the updated Ringmaster’s Cut will leave you on the edge of your seat.

    But wait… there’s more! We have also updated the Liquid and Particle, the Live Action Integration, the 3D and Naïve 3D showreels. So what are you waiting for?  Take a look now!

  • Castrol’s Ride of a lifetime

    How do you feel when you ride?

    Cirkus and Ogilvy present the grandest ever throttle spectacle for Castrol

    For Cirkus there’s always Bigger and  Better, so when Ogilvy Singapore briefed the Cirkus troupe to not hold back to show where superior acceleration can take motor bikers we happily obliged.

    Ogilvy’s Creative/Art Director Kevin Geeves and Writer Daniel Barrett needed a fun epic viral film as a call to arms for bikers to share their motoring experiences in the Castrol Facebook communities around the world.

    They used the authentic approach of capturing the unique “motorbike speak” by interviewing bikers about what they feel when they pull the throttle and accelerate.

    The coolest descriptions were turned into a loose script. First off, the Cirkus team headed by Director and Juggler Christian Greet created a 3D animatic which was to be the blueprint of the New Zealand live action shoot.

    Aaah the wonders of a beautiful winters’ day in Aotearoa creating the ideal canvas for the perfect bike ride with Cirkus shooting the footage out of the choicest camera truck imaginable.

    Many thanks to DOP Andrei Jewell and his Producer/Camera Operator/motor biker talent Gavin Newton, who filmed the Cirkus 3D animatic under Christian’s direction in true guerrilla style. Big thumbs up to Matthew Redmond @ Rocket rentals ex Auckland  for coming to the party with all camera gear and support as well as being camera assist on the 2 days.

    Last but not least the team was complemented by Camera Operator Matt Meikle’s showing off his trapeze skills hanging out of Safety officer Dean Lucas’ Landrover

    For the sceptic kiwi’s readers out there; yes – there is pies AND  prettiness in Huntly! Before heading into town take a left onto the Tahuna – Te Aroha road and be amazed.  On the  beautiful Waikato back country roads Honda Pro driver Andrew Stermont put the Honda CBR 500 through its paces driving into a ridiculously beautiful sunset.

    Back at the Bigtop it was all hands on deck for the Cirkus team to perform their magic on eehh, well Everything. With this open brief, editing, design and scene layout and animation were constantly evolving. The footage was played with, replaced, rotoscoped, you name it! We ran with it, especially if it required to be beautiful and bizarre.

    All these scenes were crafted as a wonderful team effort under Christian’s direction, so big thank you to Daredevil Chris Lyne, Mime Priyan Jayamaha, Firebreather Sandesh Codhadu, Knifethrower Layne Howe, Human Cannonball Romain Borell, Andrew McCully, Kurt Adams, Joonseok Yoon, Johannes Gugerbauer and Vijay Anand Rajan for burning the midnight oil, staying the course and create this exhilarating ride.

    Ogilvy Singapore team: Kevin Geeves (CD/AD), Daniel Barrett (Writer) James Brooke Partridge (EP), Stephenie Lee (prod), Rahul Gupta and Christianne Pena (acc management)

    Now it’s up to you. Go on and Facebook How you feel when you ride!


    Click here for the The Making of Castrol Power 1!

  • Online shopping with Symphony

    Cirkus’ Juggler Christian Greet presents: Symphony, a beautifully crafted online spot for XM Developments.

    XM Developments is a key international supplier of cloud commerce. This animated spot launches Symphony, an e-commerce system that stocks, sells, tracks and orders eeehhhm well everything across all platforms.

    Christian created the viral from scratch using a simple, naive design palette, which enabled him to concentrate on the texturing and lighting of the environments and characters. To simplify the character animation, Christian created characters with simplified limbs – a clever trick!

    The realistic and retro look of the environments and characters bring a unique quality to this spot that we love, and it does a great job explaining Symphony for the non-binary people. A big thanks to the Soundroom for the audio, which makes the film seem even more realistic by using sound effects from actual hand and feet!

    Client: Blair Watkins, XM Developments

  • Vietnamese Milo

    Cirkus produced the animation and final online for this cute 15 sec Milo TVC for ECHO Productions and Ogilvy Vietnam. The references for this job were beautiful cardboard characters composited into a live action environment. We feel like we pulled it off. Nice Pack shot Sandesh!

    Thanks to BJ Galinato, ECHO director for travelling all the way to NZ to oversee the final execution.

    Animation Director: Romain Borrell, Character Animation Hugo Garcia, Joonseok  Yoon and Priyan Jayamaha.

  • McDonalds Happy Meal

    This 30 sec kids spot for Macca introduces the new Happy Meal box to Indonesia. We created this TVC in collaboration with Leo Burnett Indonesia and Nayfosindo Production house. The initial brief was to take the Happy Meal box through different scenarios from the perspective of a child’s imagination. The look was a mix of 3D and 2D cut out which was right up our alley and our Director, Human Cannonball Romain Borrell revisited his childhood years with this illustrated kids drawings of playful environments.  Great quircky animation passes from our own Joonseok Yoon and Mime Priyan Jayamaha and the icing on the cake with the  compositing from firebreather Sandesh Codhadu.

    Thanks to the Agency for following the process and making this a cute job that was a pleasure to work on.

    Client : PT. Rekso Nasional Food
    Michael Hartono  : Marketing and Communication Director
    Caroline Kurniadjaja : Associate Director Marketing
    Wili Luiwanto : Assistant Manager

    Agency : Leo Burnett
    Brian Charles Capel : Executive Creative Director
    Leonardus Bramantya  : Associate Creative Director
    Patricia Wiroreno : Associate Creative Director
    Yogi Pradana : Group Head
    Renaldy Arief : Group Head
    Damar Wijayanti : Copy Writer
    Willy Asianto : Art Director
    Indrajeet Mookherjee  : Client Service Director
    Edwina Febrialdy : Account Director
    Ramadhona Harahap : Account Manager
    Ivan Eka Putra : Account Executive
    Eva Ayu Karina : Sr. Broadcast Producer

    Production House : Nayfosindo
    Director : Zahir Omar
    Executive Producer: Fairus Sofyan
    Producer : Jefri Jaffar
    Producer : Rifandi Sabjan

  • AECT Modelling Fun

    Original Clock made by Norman the Flea

    The final CG executed Tui

    Our modeller extraordinaire and in house Flea Norman Yeend and his wife Anne have been very busy working on this unique cuckoo clock model for AECT (Auckland Energy Consumer Trust) in association with Y&R Auckland. The brief was to create a NZ looking Cuckoo clock house which had a restored Villa look. The initial idea was to find and use a taxidermy Tui which proved harder than you would think. An alternative was reached and beautiful paper, Fantail was created by Norman’s wife, illustrator and model maker Anne Bowman.  This sadly also ended up being vetoed as it can represent bad luck when associated with houses. Finally we created a 3D Tui which had the paper look to finish off the print campaign.

    Agency Credits:
    Creative – Carlos Savage
    Producer – Rachel Rider, Christina Hazard

    Take a look at the process

    Villa designed cuckoo clock

    And the shoot…