• Coca Cola Chinese New Year

    Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

    At Cirkus, we celebrated the Year of the Goat by creating some print visuals and emoticons for Coca Cola as part of their New Years marketing campaign.

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  • AIRBNB – TAKE 68

    As the Airbnb commercial was shot as one long take, with everything happening in-camera without the use of CG imagery, on the day Cirkus performed 86 takes!

    There were many attempts that didn’t see the train actually making it to the Home station – sometimes it would derail at our man made and handled transitions, in the middle of the turntable, in the water or bizarrely on a boring straight non-obstacled piece of track.

    This particular epic fail was caused by the nice 1st AD skills of Ringmaster Marko Klijn, who wanted to shoot the actual film concurrently with the making of.

  • Saatchi and Subway hire Cirkus Elves to create X-mas Sub

    To celebrate a delectable December @ Subway, Saatchi Singapore conjured up the idea that elves will be building the Chicken Chipotle with Avocado Sub over the upcoming Xmas period. These quirky acrobatic elves were designed by Nynne Mors, and 3D animated by Thomas Bozovic, Human Cannonball Romain Borrel and Juggler Christian Greet. Compositing was done by Firebreather Sandesh Codhadu.

    Saatchi Singapore Team –
    ECD: Dominic Stallard
    Creative Team: Kimmy Deleon, Paolo Agulto

    View this delightful Xmas attraction here:

  • Cirkus makes the world a smaller place with Airbnb

    Cirkus likes dreaming big, so when TBWA and Sixtoes Singapore briefed us on this project, we were delighted to take on the challenge of helping Airbnb make the world a little bit smaller.

    Juggler Christian Greet and Flea Norman Yeend, backed by a talented team, created this epic miniature 60 second train ride showcasing that wherever you go with Airbnb, you can make yourself right at home.

    View the grand spectacle here:

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  • CIRKUS and AUCKLAND COUNCIL make the most of waste

    Recently, Cirkus has been working closely with the creative team at Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand to create ‘Tin Can and Plastic’, a duo that will make Auckland think twice before mixing rubbish with recycling.

    This fully 3D animated online film showcases beautifully crafted character animation complemented with alluring texturing and lighting. In our career we’ve had the pleasure to animate walking and talking packs, but one would have to agree that on a recyclable level this spot is great fun!

    Have a watch!

    And check out the outdoor and print KVs below (click on each to enlarge) –

    Raise the curtains for –
    Animation Director: Juggler Christian Greet
    Character Design: Chan Ghee Leow, Human Cannonball Romain Borrel, Chris Lyne, Wrestler James Turnbull and Manipulator Kurt Adams
    Animation Team: Jester Joon Seok Yoon and Mime Priyan Jayamaha
    Producer: Ringmaster Marko Klijn and Contortionist Viktoria Fortune.

    Ogilvy & Mather NZ Team –
    Producer: Rob Linnow
    Creatives: Rupert Hancock, Martin Hermans, Richard Loseby
    Account Management: Nicole Lees

  • Merci Cannes!

    Following Monday’s workshop, Ringmaster Marko Klijn, Juggler Christian Greet and Human Cannonball Romain Borrel have been at the Cirkus Booth all week for your questions and remarks regarding animation, and may have even served you a hot cup of coffee while you kicked back, relaxed and flicked through our Cirkus Book.

    Thank you to everyone who came by and said hello! Now that the festival is wrapping up, the Cirkus tent is off to other cities to show off our latest tricks. We have had a great time at Cannes, though, and can’t wait to come back next year.

    In the mean time, have a watch of the video that we have conjured up of this year’s Cirkus DIY Animation workshop.

  • Next stop – Rome!

    As the Cannes Lions Festival wraps up for the year, Cirkus will pack up the tent and take the show to new audiences! On Monday 23 & Tuesday 24 June, Ringmaster Marko Klijn will be in Rome! Then he will head to Istanbul where the troupe will wow crowds on Wednesday 25 June. Then it’s en route to Paris for Tuesday 8 July!

    Please e-mail Marko at ringmaster@cirkus.co.nz or Viktoria at contortionist@cirkus.co.nz if you would like to experience the greatest Animation Show on Earth!

  • Cirkus unveils Comfort Q Virals!

    Following the Comfort Q project Cirkus created these fun 15 something seconds viral spots. As in the TVC, the virals focus on the intense testing required to get all of Molto’s benefits into one bottle.

    Creative and Art Director Kevin Geeves of Ogilvy Singapore came up with the concept of a James Bond-inspired “mad” scientist testing the brand new “Molto All-in-One” product.

    Each viral then features Comfort Scientist Extraordinaire “Q” putting himself through each of 5 testing stations that make up this all in one product, while his beautiful assistant anxiously looks on.

    If you haven’t yet, check out the original Comfort Q TVC HERE!

  • All New Ringmaster’s Cut

    We’ve had our heads down ever since November 2013, and when we finally get the chance to look up from our screens, it seems that winter has come to NZ!

    Time to reflect and put all the wonderful work into this new Ringmaster’s Cut.

    We’ll be coming to a town near you on our Cirkus Tour 2014 to show and tell! So, get ready Annecy, Cannes, Rome, Paris & Istanbul!

  • Ringmaster To Attend Annecy Festival

    With Jack of All Trades up and running Ringmaster, Marko Klijn, will attend the Annecy International Animated Film Festival to learn from, meet and catch up with colleagues from all over the world.