• Exquisite Corpse 9

    Eva Radke from Film Biz Recycling (USA) came up with the following storyline;
    Georgio O’Keefe, grown and old even, emerges like a newborn from the dark, central spot of the cave flower. Helga grabs her sword and severs the newborn/old artist from the umbilical cord. Chicken eats the afterbirth (and yoke), sprouts a feather [...]

  • Another Big Day in Comfort Land

    Bigger, better and EPIC. In this episode, Lily is having a baby with soon-dad-to-be-Andy going on a mad rush trip to the hospital to be at her side; still smelling fresh and fragrant after his ordeal. The Comfort boys Layne Howe, Chris Lyne, Boris Plateau, Matt Pitt, Merlin Lepper, Dale Hobson, Daniel Wu, Timo Lenton [...]

  • Ringmaster and Bearded Lady @ the New York Boards Summit

    Ringmaster Marko and Bearded Lady Craig have returned from a successful New York Boards Summit trip. This year Cirkus made an effort to make the venue a happy place. Jean Loscalzo of Supercreator.com dressed up our booth in Cirkus style and well… have a look yourself but we think she did a magnificent job!

    Magic [...]