• COMFORT “Fireworks” tvc

    Thank you Ogilvy London for the script and brief to create a new Comfort line up. Featuring our newly designed “Comfees” family who cheekily find an alternative means of application for Comfort Exhilarations. Nice work from our extended animation team Strongman Scott Wilkinson, Knifethrower Layne Howe, Daredevil Chris Lyne, Acrobat Matt Pitt, Dwarfthrower Daniel Wu, [...]


    Yeah right. We don’t do Januaries! We only just manage to drag our lazy bodies to the waterline. Please find below the fruit of that labour.

    Meanwhile we have received some great storylines thank you! We will start production momentarily for the February newsletter with the following storyline of Kevin Geeves ex Singapore:
    “A giant with magic [...]