• Cannes Lions – Cirkus is coming!

    Not long to go before Cannes Lions starts.
    Our Ringmaster Marko Klijn, Juggler Christian Greet, Liontamestress Felicia Brunsting and Hoopdiver Amy Behrens will attend to commit animation Harakiri: create Exquisite Corpse episode 15 within the 6 days of the festival. Cirkus is to workshop the corpse on the opening day, then start production using the New [...]

  • Exquisite Corpse # 13!

    Paul Thomas from England submitted this storyline for episode13 of the Exquisite Corpse:
    The giant is woken by the brutal exit of the dog. He gets up, picks up the boy and places him onto the Ferris wheel. Then the mushroom man uses the Ferris wheel as a unicycle.
    Merci to Division France of Cirkus French: Romain [...]