• The arrival of Flea

    Stop Motion Animator Norman Yeend wanted to be the Flea for Cirkus and we obliged.
    His tricks can for now be seen as part of the Cirkus Stop motion reel.
    His e-mail? flea@cirkus.co.nz

  • Cannes Lions Cirkus’ Workshop & stand

    The French Riviera Tan is fading and the suitcases have been put away. Cirkus’ Ringmaster, Juggler, Lion-tamestress and Hoopdiver have returned from Cannes Lions bubbling over with new experiences, contacts and know-how from the many seminars attended.
    The Cirkus Animation Kamikaze workshop on Sunday 20th of June kicked off the week in Cannes and was well [...]

  • Cirkus’ Monkey’s Shapeshifter Music Video

    Check out the Twin Galaxies’ Music Video for New Zealand band Shapeshifter. Monkey Matt Pitt, Freak Phil James, Illusionist Matt Tan and Trapezist Timo Lenton combined 3D modeling and animation, digital matte paintings and live action plates to tell a true Kiwi story.
    With mankind losing faith, Ruamoko – the god of the land – is [...]