• Introducing our two new performers

    Cirkus introduces David ‘El Libre’ Hofflich and Tiana ‘Rope Dancer’ Mackenzie to the Cirkus stage.
    David brings with him 15 plus years of commercial production experience, spending a great number of years producing commercial content for LA based production companies Ritts/Hayden, Identity and Asylum. Cirkus is most fortunate with the wealth of knowledge and experience David [...]

  • New Cirkus DVD

    Technology considered, this may well become a collectors’ item. For this issue we’ve changed the content AND the artwork. Email the Liontamestress to order your copy today! Click on the picture to see the new artwork it in all its larger glory!

  • Cirkus.co.nz goes HTML again!

    Thank you Apple for all your latest gadgets!
    For the purists amongst you we’ve maintained the scaleable Flash option, but for instant gratification you can now click to a faster access by clicking to HTML land. Shiny Iphones and Ipads will automatically go here. Clever scripting from Daredevil Chris Lyne who managed to make everything work [...]

  • Cannes 2011 – Cirkus Animation Game – This is how we play it!

    Cirkus hopes to welcome you @ their their entertaining workshop, ‘How much animation does my dollar buy?’. Here, Ringmaster Marko will showcase from Cirkus’ pitch “back catalogue” unrealistic briefs such as “I want a 30” Avatar within 4 weeks for USD$80K”. Now, we all want great commercials but sometimes expectations impact heavily on [...]

  • Toilet humour

    Being Cirkus, we like to combine R&D with some basic humour. When Juggler Christian Greet, Knife thrower Layne Howe and Mime Priyan Jayamaha were looking into the workings of Realflow, they tested the water on these Penguins ex Thien Long.

  • The Real Cirkus

    Just in by e-mail this week:
    Dear Sir,
    We are very interested to received your Circus show (including the
    Animals) to Lebanon Beirut for the month of December 2011.
    Please we would like to have more details about the price quotation and
    details from your side.
    Managing Partner

    Kristie’s Co
    We have started rehearsing for this show but time is short. Please [...]

  • Cirkus Performers @ Cannes

    ‘Juggler’ Christian Greet, ‘Hoopdiver’ Amy Behrens and ‘Ringmaster’ Marko Klijn will attend the Cannes Lions Festival this year, hosting the workshop “How much animation does my dollar buy” and attending the Cirkus @ the Palais. Here’s an introduction:
    Marko “Ringmaster” Klijn
    Marko has now been active in the animation industry for about 12 years which [...]

  • New ringmasters Cut

    Cirkus has been beavering away over the last 6 months on some great work. Notably the Thien Long, Telstra, Comfort and Skyline campaigns received great reviews
    All this eye candy has now been put together in our all exciting new shiny Ringmaster’s cut. The visual is carried by a great new musical score “the ace of [...]

  • Cirkus coming to Cannes!

    Cirkus returns @ Cannes Lions Festival with a stand in the Palais for you to come and visit ‘Ringmaster’ Marko Klijn, ‘Juggler” Christian Greet and ‘Hoopdiver’ Amy Behrens.
    We are no.16.01 on the map….

    Our workshop on Sunday 19th 15:00-17:00 ‘How much animation does my dollar buy?’ will see ‘Ringmaster’ Marko showcase from Cirkus’ pitch “back catalogue” [...]